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How to Prepare for Buying a Home in Charleston

If you have decided that it’s time for you to take the plunge and buy a home in Charleston, you are likely equal parts excited and overwhelmed by starting the process—which is completely normal! While buying a home is always an exciting step, in a competitive market like Charleston’s, there are plenty of extra concerns that buyers are wise to think about as they begin the process. Charleston is...

How to Prepare for Selling My Home

If you’ve recently decided to list your home, congratulations! Selling your home is a huge life step, but with the right help, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming one. While Charleston is a great market to be a seller in, there are still some important steps to take in order to prep your home for listing day—but with a solid plan, taking steps to prepare to sell your home can be a breeze! How...

How Do I Know What My Home is Worth?

If you’re considering selling your home or are just curious about how it has appreciated over time, determining its market worth is a solid first step. In a fast-growing city like Charleston, there are many changes happening to neighborhoods every day—and these changes can have a big impact on how much you can expect to get for your home in a sale. Factors like new construction, neighborhood...

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